Onsite Registration Using Event Management Software

Onsite registration acts like an entry portal for delegates who have decided at the last minute to join an event. For this reason, it is important that event organisers look for a solution that is both efficient and fast. Many have turned to the stability of onsite event registration software for this. Reliable software not only automate the paper and pen process; they also help organisers save resources by foregoing the need to hire numerous staff to assist in the registration process.

Employing Mobile Devices

Onsite registration can become a challenging task if there’s a lot of human traffic at the venue before the start of an event. As such, event organisers should consider using event management software.

Thanks to the continuing mobility of event management solutions, organisers and attendees can now enjoy onsite registration software through mobile devices like tablets and phones. By simply providing a link that leads to the event website or event app, organisers can help interested parties register themselves for the event as long as they have a steady internet connection. For delegates who may not be tech savvy or who do not have mobile devices, event organisers can provide them secured tablets at a registration desk and assist them with data entry.

How Onsite Registration Works Hand in Hand with Check-in Apps

There may always be unexpected guests that have to be checked in on the fly. Because of this, another tool that organisers should look for in an all-in-one event management solution is the check-in app. An Android or iOS check-in app will allow for reading of QR codes or bar codes found on electronic tickets to significantly hasten the flow of delegates into an event. Find here several event ticketing software.

For an event with hundreds of attendees, the use of onsite registration technology is undisputable. Paper registration can get messy and error-prone. It may also take a significant chunk of time which is counterproductive for time-sensitive events. With the use of a dedicated check-in app, however, entry can be facilitated in as fast as two seconds!

Check-in apps also have the added function of pulling up delegate details at any time should there be contingencies like lost tickets. Through a simple search in the app for the specific event, a guest’s registration status can be retrieved right away. Organisers can also work through the app even if internet connection goes down; they can simply sync it to the database later on. See here how to use a conference registration software.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of providers that offer solutions for new user registration on your site. If you are an event organiser, a simple search in Google should lead you to the right software for onsite registration and check-in. There are a lot of options that you may want to consider depending on your budget and needs. Other features that you can also look out for are: Android and iOS optimised apps, the ability to identify VIP guests during check-in, and getting a comprehensive report through attendee analytics before and after the event.