An onsite event registration software is a commodity for many events. Some of your attendees may not have registered through your website and have decided to come at the last minute. Accommodating them through a reliable software will make it easier for you to update your guest list as well as print out new tickets. Here are three simple steps to follow when using the said software:

  1. Know the software by heart.

When it comes to using any software, it is important that you ask for guidance from the vendor in terms of its functions and design. If a prior live demo is not possible, try to look for a software wiki or other reading resources that will give step-by-step instructions on how to register attendees on the day of your event. The emphasis here should be placed on speed and reliability – especially that some events may accommodate hundreds to thousands of onsite registrants.

  1. Set up an onsite registration station.

It is important that you designate a specific area in your venue as an onsite registration station. This will direct last-minute registrants to the correct place instead of them adding up to the heavy traffic found at your venue’s entrance. If you are employing an onsite event registration software through a mobile app, you may also set up kiosks for visitors to register themselves online.

  1. Coordinate with check-in staff.

Lastly, since onsite registration is associated to the check-in process, try to coordinate with your check-in staff to direct the flow of human traffic. You may also inform confirmed attendees to proceed to the door after you have provided them their tickets. There are many onsite event registration software that will allow you to print tickets and badges on the spot after collecting attendee details. The same software will probably be used to check-in attendees.