Onsite check-in apps are one of the most coveted event technology products for events. It practically allows your staff members to work through synced mobile devices and to usher in confirmed guests in a matter of seconds. While you may have an idea of what the benefits are of this type of mobile application, do you know where to find one? Here are three simple tips that may point you to the right direction in terms of looking for this type of application:

1.) If you are using an event management software, ask your provider.

Many attendee management software providers are already streamlining this type of mobile application for their clients. If you are currently using an event management platform, contact your provider and ask them if they have already built a check-in app that you may use. It is usually cheaper to buy it from your current provider since the product will count as an offshoot to your current subscription.

2.) Do your research online.

If your software provider still does not have the technology, it would be best to do your own research online. A good place to start would be mobile app review websites. Everything about event website design here. You should explore check-in apps, specifically, and check out the different choices at your disposal. Be critical in terms of the pros and cons and try to check if the reviews left by users are legitimate. A simple search in Google may also lead you to the top-indexed products that may be of interest.

3.) Ask from your peers in the event industry.

Lastly, it also pays to ask your peers in the events industry. If you are part of a network of event professionals, ask others about the different event management solutions they are using and which check-in app they can recommend. People with actual experience, and whom you can talk to, can be reliable sources of information. Since they have first-hand experience of using the product themselves, they may help you set your expectations realistically.

Now that you have some ideas on how to start your check-in app hunting, you may also try to do an assessment of your current needs and try to put them side by side with the different choices you have. The best check-in app for you is the one with features that you specifically need.